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Submissions and Galleries.

When-Darkness-comes --Submission's info and Galleries:

**You MUST be a member for submitting!

***Favorites are NOT accepted,we only accept normal submissions from our members.

We will raise a bit the quality of our submissions, please,read the instructions about submissions and the links to galleries.

**No Manga,No anime,No hentai,No OC,No fanfic...
*Fan art just accepted with great quality and it must be a really exceptional work.

<<* Women/men wearing underwear have nothing to do with darkness,so please Do NOT submit those images or they might be declined *>>

**Women,men and children with a gun in the hand,or possing with a weapon are not dark material for our group **

*** Strongly NO racial,No art depicting children in offensive/denigrating situations...actually we Don't accept art depicting children unless there is a story behind or it is a fantasy work.
No religious offenses nor discrimination art subjects will be allowed.

Thank you for joining us and follow the rules!

Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~ -Group Owner-










Gallery Folders

deviation in storage by Shimaira
Digital Art III
Photography 2
Dark Tales From the Sea-Challenge



Group Info

Vampires,ghosts,demons...all what is about Dark art!

Poetry,prose,photomanipulations and even photographs that are related to the subject are welcomed!

Join us!
Founded 5 Years ago
Mar 2, 2010


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All media accepted

2,508 Members
2,681 Watchers
121,610 Pageviews
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Lilith's Realm...NEWS

Blood,Pain and Transformation Contest's Features!

Blood,Pain and Transformation Contest! -Contest Article-

Our new News Article--Inspiring art from our Contests!

Lilith's Realm -first News Article-

When-Darkness-comes is a sister group with Liliths-Realm Please,as a part of this group post a comment -if possible- and also give the favorite to the article.


Groups part of the WDC's Family:

:iconword-smiths: & :icontomes-and-grimoires:
Dark Tales From The Sea - Challenge

Dark Tales From the Sea -Challenge... by Villenueve Chaos at the Ocean... by Villenueve

*Important Update*

Challenge- from
*chal·lenge  [chal-inj]  
1.a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
2.something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc.: Space exploration offers a challenge to humankind.
3.a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.
4.difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.

1:  to demand as due or deserved :  require <an event that challenges explanation>
2: a :  to confront or defy boldly :  dare
b :  to call out to duel or combat
c :  to invite into competition <he challenged his brother to a tennis match>
3: to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties

I am an English Teacher and I love to point out the meaning of words because sometimes it seems some people forget the meaning of them, as stated above, a challenge is something that is NOT easy, it is hard to achieve for the ones invited or summoned for participating at, so as it is in every challenge, there is nothing easy and here is about rules, stock and groups, you must be a member of the main hosting: Liliths-Realm if you are NOT our member, no matter how great,excellent and beautiful is your work, your work simply won't qualify for participating.

The rules at the challenge are clear, we won't break them, we won't break our heads trying to make everybody understand what we want and ask for!

:iconliliths-realm: is not a soft/kind group, much less me,we won't baby sit art!, we have rules, we follow rules and what we give back is the best attention for our artists and friends, we support and promote.

**Simply said: Follow the rules for the challenge and your art will be accepted!**:iconvampplz:


:iconliliths-realm: Proudly will host, teaming up with :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :icondaparanormal: :iconbeyondlife-da: and :iconsexy-evil: this challenge called: 'Dark Tales from the Sea', only staff and members of each groups can participate, if someone is not a member from any of these groups and wants participating, the artist will need joining with the explanation 'Dark Tales from the Sea' and with his/her work finished -*No WIPS please-
This is NOT the typical challenge where you will submit sea creatures, nor pirates,we want great imagination and original creations.

:iconliliths-realm: does not accept mermaids,nor male elements as the main character of the work,though this time we will ONLY accept dark mermaids (the scarier and darker the better!)

As said previously: This is NOT a contest, getting prizes or offering prizes is something I myself can't compromise right now and I can't make any other person to compromise either but we accept points, features and stock as donation (or any other kind of prizes, like art gifts,etc), since this is just a challenge, there won't be winners, though part of the awards or prizes that we offer is that the 7 best works will be part of the highlights of the week at Liliths-Realm, besides there will be a special feature at the groups teaming up with Lilith's (my own groups- read above please), I will also feature at my own journal and at my stock.

*This challenge started on Saturday,May 24th,2014 and ends on Sunday,June 29th,2014 and the rules are simple:
***You MUST be a member at :iconliliths-realm: for participating!***

1.- Dark Tales from the Sea will accept dark-gothic, esoteric, mystical, dark-surreal, macabre, etc.

2.- The work must depict a the dark-power of a female deity,female vampire, goddess, witch, sorceress, ghost,etc
*Mermaids/Sirens accepted but they must be dark-scary enough, otherwise they won't be accepted.
** It's ok combining with the Goddess/Female Deity a male or a sea creature but the main 'character' is female.

3.-No Weapons accepted: every Goddess, Witch or Sorceress is powerful enough as for killing even with the mind, it is why they are Deities or Supernatural/powerful beings!
*Only the ones who are depicted as humans can be depicted with weapons,but the supernatural beings never will need weapons.

4.-Stock from DA is a must, the main issue is using the great stock that we have at home!, NO purchased stock allowed!,we want to be fair with all those DA members who can't afford purchasing stock.
Complete/full crediting of stock is a must.
*Search engines sites like Google aren't stock, nor Wallpapers, much less FB.

5.-We are sorry, NO manga,NO anime, NO line art and NO Fan art.

6.-Digital drawings/art=accepted but must be great quality.

7.-The work must be done specifically for this challenge,this means that NO work with a date previously submitted to the 24th will be accepted, your work must credit the challenge: 'Dark Tales from the Sea' at: :iconliliths-realm: :iconwhen-darkness-comes: :icondaparanormal: :iconbeyondlife-da: and :iconsexy-evil:

Our wonderful friends have decided donating these prizes, the list will be updated if there are more prizes, thank you to our donors!:worship:


A texture-stock-package for the winners

A stock pack for the winners

One Premade Background for all winners

A feature to all winners at her DA and her groups: :iconin-obscuro:&
:iconthevoiceofmanips:,also premium content of her DD for first place (instead of donating a print or a commission, she will give an original copy of her DD)

A feature and a work dedication to the best selected artists

Will donate 500 points for the best work -the artist-, her exclusive pack of wings and a feature of the winners.

Will donate a premium wing stock to the winners

Has donated 50 points for the first place

Feature for the winners.

Features and a work dedication for the 7 best works.

Sandra Villanueva ~:iconvillenueve:~

Greetings everybody!

WDC accepts most kind of art,from the darkest style,to emotional and fantasy,mythology as well.

A few weeks ago the Digital Art folder reached its limit,it's full and cleaning it is a task that can't be done fast,so there is now the Digital Art II folder and Dark Emotions,previously it was created the Digital landscapes-Photomanipulations.

**Please submit only to the proper/right folder or your work will be declined! -As much as we care for our members,we also want that you guys submit only to the proper category,we the staff are here for help but you must help to place your work in the correct category for it being better seen!...we can't spend the day moving works to categories and the only thing that might happen is that your work will be deleted,we don't want that!-

*** Follow the rules!,please!,do not submit art that has nothing to do with our themes!

When -Darkness-comes is a group for promoting dark-paranormal art,so please,feel free for joining us and submitting your art.

**You MUST be a member for submitting! -any work submitted by a NON-Member will be declined!

***Any work submitted to the wrong category will be declined,if accepted by mistake,it will be deleted!...So you are warned!...We love your submissions but we want that each one of you follow the rules as well!

As the title express,we are a group for Dark Art...
so all and everything that is scary,all that can scare us: Monsters, vampires, witches, devils, demons, dragons, our nightmares,etc...all that is allowed!

WDC looks for that dark art that is part of the supernatural world,the world of those who no longer exist in this world but that they exist in that world of shadows,the underworld or the darkness...

There are themes like Sweeney Todd,Jack the Ripper and others who have became a legend that are admitted,part of it because of the geniality of their stories...

Crime and murder,suicide or any other theme like these mentiones Do NOT belong to the supernatural,nor to the darkness...

WDC does not really seek for the horror/terror created by if you have one of those pieces that 'make you scream and crave for it'-because of its quality- you can submit it and we'll see if it fits our galleries and themes!

We have also a wide variety of galleries for allowing most of the artists to find an option for submitting...but we always try keeping the main theme and purpose of the group: Darkness and supernatural.

Trying to be fair and allow most art that is dark -mild dark,fantasy or sci fi-we don't accept art that has nothing to do with darkness,especially for features in the main gallery.

This is not an elitist group, we like to be fair and give plenty opportunity to all our artists for submitting almost all kind of dark art: photomanipulations, pictures, digital art in any sense -3D for example- drawings and portraits of 'celebrities who have played in horror or terror movies'-Vincent Price,Tom Cruise, and any other actor/actress portrayed in the character of horror they once played-

When-Darkness-comes will have slight changes,due to the increase of submissions:

~**~ We DON'T accept favorites!
Please make sure you submit to the proper category,otherwise your work will be declined!

We DON'T accept any kind of art depicting children,unless there is a horror story behind like 'Samara' from the ring...etc...

**Features: Only the staff can suggest features,all submissions to feature made by members will be declined,unless it is decided from the staff accepting it for its good quality and/or for depicting something powerful.

***The rest of our galleries will allow 1 submission per means you can submit every day,but only 1 work...if an artist plays the smart and submit 2 or 3 works-taking advantage of any security failure- his/her work will be declined.

****Stock Providers: 5 submissions per day.

Please check the proper galleries for your submissions,below there are links for your comfort in finding them easily,we barely decline works,though when we decline works it is because those submissions have nothing to do with dark art or with the galleries we the same way,we will not accept unfinished works nor those works with a few lines and doodles,no manga,nor anime.
The same we won't accept works that don't have the stock credits,we have a stock gallery and we support them,Stock help us to create wonderful things,so let's give them the proper credit.

Be creative,while some images of people covered in blood are accepted,there are some that won't fit nor be accepted because of poor/bad means that a girl licking a knife with blood,with her make up smeared all over her face won't really fit the dark theme,except if the image is really creative and scary,it has to show real horror.

Black and white images do not fit into darkness,unless the images depicts a thing -something- related with darkness.

Black and white or color portrays won't be accepted...images of people wearing underwear won't be accepted either.
Nudity is only accepted if it is related to a dark subject or theme,used as a powerful depiction of beauty and seduction but we DO NOT accept unjustified nudity,nor images of 'naked models' with names like 'Lilith,Lestat or Dracula' etc...

Images of people with uncombed/disheveled hair,black lips and nails,torn clothes,knives in hand,or faces without purpose aren't from darkness unless there is a reason for them as zombies,madness at a real level,etc

The word: Quality is an annoying word...this group won't ask only for 'quality works' but we are raising a bit the quality of every submission accepted,so please submit your Best Works,those works that you feel proud of,the kind of art you would submit for a contest or for a special gift.

* NO ID's,NO stamps,NO Promotionals,NO CD Covers,NO book covers.
**No Manga,No anime,No hentai,No OC,No fanfic...
*Fan art just accepted with great quality and it must be a really exceptional work.

<<* Women/men wearing underwear have nothing to do with darkness,so please Do NOT submit those images or they might be declined *>>

**Women,men and children with a gun in the hand,or possing with a weapon are not dark material for our group **

*** Strongly NO racial,No art depicting children in offensive/denigrating situations,No religious offenses nor discrimination art subjects will be allowed.
~*This is a dark group and religious images have nothing to do with our themes.

I deeply thank all my staff members for their superb help/work! :clap:

I especially Thank to all our members!...Thank you for joining us,we want this to be your home and feel happy and comfortable with us,we do all our best for helping all of you.
Soon,we'll do features,there are things and projects we are planning and that being now a supergroup we can do!

Have fun at this your home!


It seems that there is a bug at many DA groups,it has been said by a few members that they can't find the 'Contributing art button'...

There are two ways for submitting if you don't find the button for it...

1) In your own deviations,you will find a tab/button that says 'submit to a group'...there is a drop down menu,just select the group and the proper category and your work will be submitted!

2)Go to this group's gallery--->> When-Darkness-comes Gallery

From there select the category and submit!

When Darkness comes Galleries:

If you have a question,please ask us by note!

English and spanish submissions allowed.

Thank you for joining us!

Sandra Villanueva

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